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E waste collection in Bangalores Downstream Processing The responses to the online survey provided the following results terms of the respondents who sent e-waste whole to downstream processors versus those respondents who process/dismantle e-waste on-site: 13% of respondents ship whole electronics vendors processing without conducting any on-site processing/dismantling.26% of respondents do a combination of shipping whole units processing/dismantling on-site. 61% of respondents process/dismantle all electronics on-site and do not ship whole electronics items  e waste collection in Bangalore

e waste collection in bangalore

e waste collection in bangalore

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CRT Monitors & Televisions

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) are found in household electronics including monitors and televisions. CRTs are classified as hazardous due to the lead found in the funnel glass, frit line, and potentially in the panel glass.

  • Funnel Glass: Rear portion of the CRT composed of leaded glass.
  • Panel Glass: Front portion of the CRT composed of non-leaded glass.
  • Phosphor Powder: Coating on the inside of the panel glass.
  • Frit: High lead content solder used to fuse the funnel and panel glass.
  • Neck: Glass tube that contains the electron gun.
  • Yoke: The copper wire that surrounds the neck of the CRT.
  • Electron Gun: Steel gun that creates the electron beam.
  • Banding: Metal banding that surrounds the CRT.
  • Shadow Mask: Metal screen with tiny holes that control the path of electrons.
  • Protective Shell or Case: Often plastic for computer monitors and televisions, wood for large console televisions and metal for other displays.

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