“Our e-waste recycling processes and technologies are designed with the future of e-waste recycling in mind. We offer a range of services, from collection and sorting to dismantling and recycling, ensuring that valuable materials are recovered and reused. Our aim is to make e-waste recycling as easy and efficient as possible for our clients.”

GRAVITY E WSTE MANAGMENT   is a Well-known and Trusted name in Old Furniture Buyer, Dismantling Service Provider and Scrap Buyer industry. We  will buye of Old Office, Showroom, Bank , Furniture Buyers, We Dismantle Furniture AC, Generator, Machinery, Partitions, Workstations etc and buy it in BEST price. We also provide Dismantling services to Office, Showroom, Bank, Mall, Outlets, Hotels, Restaurants, Universities, Colleges, Institutions, Auditoriums, Societies, Apartments etc and buy all old used 2nd hand items like Furniture, AC, AC Plants, Generator, DG Sets, Panels False Ceiling, Partitions, Workstations, UPS, Batteries, Machinery, Scraps etc in BEST price. We are working in Bangalore and other big Cities also scrap dealers bangalore


GRAVITY E WSTE MANAGMENT   provides a sustainable and compliant disposal services to manufacturers, industries, big and small businesses etc.. We are the biggest scrap battery disposal company in Bangalore . We are specialist in dismantling & refining of lead-acid batteries in eco-friendly way Our recycling process is cost-effective  and energy-efficient as lead scrap dealers bangalore
GRAVITY E WSTE MANAGMENT  We provide  disassembly services right from your office.We can coordinate with you to determine your most convenient time and from there on, we would disassemble all the furniture that you have in your office so that it would be much easier for you to transport it to your new office, computer scrap dealers in Bangalore
GRAVITY E WSTE MANAGMENT   Provides dismantling services to Office, Showroom, Bank, Mall, Outlets, Hotels, Restaurants, Universities, Colleges, Institutions, Auditoriums, Societies, Apartments etc. in Bangalore and nearby areas scrap dealers Bangalore
E-Waste Buyers in Bangalore
GRAVITY E WSTE MANAGMENT We are Scrap Buyer of Office Chair, Workstations, Partitions, Workstations, Fall Ceiling, Old UPS, Panels, Generators, DGs, AC, AC Plant, Heavy Iron Scrap, Metal Scrap, Heavy Machinery and other Scrap in Bangalore.
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"Need to dispose of your e-waste? Book our e-waste collection service now!"

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