Sell Electronics and E-Waste Online in Bangalore

E-Waste Online in Bangalore

E-Waste Online in Bangalore: In today’s fast-paced world, we all love to own the latest gadgets and appliances that brighten up our homes. However, what happens to the outdated devices gathering dust in your space? Usually, they end up discarded and broken, eventually finding their way to the trash. This is a waste of valuable resources!

Instead of throwing away your old electronics, did you know you can recycle them and even make some money? Here’s how!

Where to Sell Your E-Waste Online in Bangalore

The best place to sell your e-waste is Gravity E-Waste. Gravity E-Waste understands its environmental responsibilities and accepts e-waste from households and corporate clients as a responsible corporate entity. They channel it for safe recycling, offering the best prices for your old gadgets, appliances, and other electronics.

What Types of E-Waste Can Be Recycled Online in Bangalore?

E-Waste Online in Bangalore: Gravity E-Waste dismantles and recycles a wide range of electronic devices. Here are some items they can safely and securely recycle:

  • IT-related items: servers, desktops, CPUs, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, telephones, keyboards, mice, projectors, network equipment, photocopiers, tablets, and hard disks.
  • Domestic appliances: fridges, washing machines, ACs, TVs, radios, speakers, fans, microwaves, UPS systems, cell phones, routers, and damaged LED/LCD TVs.
  • Non-IT materials: chiller plants, DG sets, printed circuit boards, UPS batteries, power backup batteries, PCB boards, and inverter batteries.


Gravity E-Waste offers more than just recycling services to meet your needs:

Data Destruction

Your personal information is safe with Gravity E-Waste. They ensure all data stored on computers, laptops, and other devices is completely destroyed before recycling. Unlike simply deleting files, which can be recovered, Gravity E-Waste physically destroys your hard drives, ensuring no information is retrievable.

Service at Your Doorstep

Gravity E-Waste provides reliable and convenient service. They understand busy schedules and ensure you don’t need to search for their services. Gravity E-Waste comes to your doorstep, clearing e-waste from your premises quickly and without causing any disturbance to you or your neighbors.


Step 1: Contact

Fill out the online form available at Once your request is approved, a slot for e-waste pickup will be scheduled.

Step 2: E-Waste Collection

Gravity E-Waste collectors will arrive at your location at the scheduled time, clear the materials, and make the payment in cash or online within 24 hours.

Step 3: Recycling

Your e-waste will be delivered to the appropriate recycling facilities by Gravity E-Waste.


Gravity E-Waste is your go-to solution for all electronic waste disposal needs. Whether you’re clearing out a residential home or overhauling a large office building, Gravity E-Waste professionals can manage the e-waste conveniently and sustainably. Modernizing your organization or home inevitably results in e-waste, and Gravity E-Waste helps you handle this responsibly.

Choose Gravity E-Waste for an environmentally friendly and hassle-free E-Waste Online in Bangalore.

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